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Your home’s supply and drainage system must always be two distinct subsystems, with no overlapping. We install, repair and maintain pipes, fixtures and other plumbing used for water distribution and waste water disposal in domestic premises/ commercial buildings.


We deliver clean water and remove waste and also ensure that air admitted by the vent stack and vent pipes keeps the traps sealed and prevents sewer gases from backing up through the drains.

What we do

Bathroom Fittings
Repairing sanitation systems
Emergency repairs
Installing air conditioning systems
Installing of heating systems
Appliance Fittings

Let us know your Plumbing needs

We know every building must receive sufficient quantity of water  to meet various needs of the occupants. So, we do due diligence to ensure all your water needs are properly computed before the construction begins.  At the same we  compute the proper drainage facilities to drain the wastewater through pipes.

Detecting leaks

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
We take the time to do a final check for tiny leaks and sediment lingering in the lines.

A future of water sustainability

Water efficiency contributes greatly to energy savings

Less water used means less water heated and less water transported. Installing Water Sense-labeled faucet aerators in bathrooms, for example, help save water and energy.

is an achievable prospect, as plumbing manufacturers work with allies in safe plumbing and water efficiency to find solutions.

RCCF plumbers helps bring comfort and beauty into your homes. regulated water supply and drainage provide the refuge of comforting meals, soothing baths and restorative relaxation.

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